Ballyhoo Studio (since 1987) is a nice studio near the Northern Park of Groningen, the cultural capital of Northern Netherlands. We have the best fascilities for analog and digital mastering and also pretty good mixing facilities. Check our services and get more information by clicking on the menu items above. Feel free to message or call for information or help.

MASTERING (50 euro/track*)

analog mastering (best)
digital mastering (fast, but not recommanded)
CD, radio, AV or web mastering
vinyl mastering
audiophile superaudio mastering 

MIXING (40 euro/hr*)

hybrid mixing (best of both worlds)
lots of plug ins (UAD, WAVES etc)
lots of outboard gear (DBX, Fairchild, Urei, GML, Pulse Techniques, Manley, Thermionic Culture etc)
analog summing by Dangerous Music for superior width, expression and dynamics
channel strips from best SSL and Neve mixers 

RECORDING (40 euro/hr*)

recording booth for up to three musicians, can be combined with recording in studioroom (up to six musicians)
recording on different locations for comfort, space and sound
recording in partner studio’s like Kudo Studio
recording with great pre-amps and other hardware
recording with SSL converters
lots of synths and drummachines, also guitar (amps) and basguitar 

AV SOUND DESIGN (40 euro/hr*)

Soundtracks for movies (including advise for music selection)
Sound design and music for television shows
Sound design for movies
Sound design for commercials
Sound design for games
Sound design for leaders 

Drop a line for special project prices!

Ballyhoo Studio