AV Sound Design

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AV SOUND DESIGN is more then just adding sound to moving images.


We have the main sound libraries and the right expertise, but most important, lots of experience and lot’s of  feeling for audio visual ways of making meaning.

–       Soundtracks for movies (including advise for music selection)

–       Sound design and music for television shows

–       Sound design for movies

–       Sound design for commercials

–       Sound design for games

–       Sound design for leaders

Studio owner Johanz Westerman has also been involved in AV production. He was specialized in 2D animation, editing and color correction.  As a ‘Master in Film and Televsion Science’, he is a specialist in analyzing movies and other moving images, which can be very helpful when designing sound for images. He’s also been a movie critic for many years and still writes his film columns.

This theoretical background helps a lot when adding sound to images. Being aware of the power of sound for story, plot and other narrative discourse is instrumental for giving meaning. For what you need to express. He made sound and music for several global companies like Nike, Sony, Hema, Albert Heijn, and also more artistic fashion fair video and installations for La Strada Fashion House, The Dutch and Hugo Boss.