MASTERING: Loudness WITH Dynamics

We do analog or hybrid mastering. We use tube and solid state (passive) equalizers and compressors. The real thing only. We have the best hardware we could find for the best possible analog limiting, like the Fairchild 670 mkII and the Neve Masterbus Processor. Analog limiting helps for keeping the dynamics alive and not to get grainy digital artifacts. We know this from experience and by serious testing and comparing with the best digital limiters we have. For some styles of music we also use digital brick wall limiters in the end, but very little, without destroying the beauty of the analog limiting. 

For compression we mainly use the Phoenix MC vari-mu tube compressor, which is found in many hi profile mastering studios. Very good for percussive stuff, faster release then for example the Manley Vari Mu. It can glue your mix in a nice and still transparent way. 

For equalizing we use the best GML parametric equalizer available for more straight forward ‘pushing’ equalizing and Pulse Techniques tube EQ’s for fat bass and silky highs. Massive Passive tube EQ’s for opening up the mids when needed. We also use a Philips Polygram finalising EQ which was used on many famous records in the seventies and is fully restored. It also has ellipitic filters for taming the stereo in the lowest bass regions for steady and deep vinyl cuts.

For analog to digital conversion after our analog mastering we use the respected Burl Bomber ADC. 

Optional in the chain is the Otari 2track for nice tape saturation. And more dedicated gear when needed for a certain sound. We’re in the game for quality and give a full satisfaction garantee, to make sure it’s exactly what you want. We don’t believe in marketing, too much time and money wasted on this in our world. We rather profile ourself with our content. Gaining profits is not our main goal, it’s adding value and getting payed reasonable prices, also to support good underground music.

In general we do one track per hour. Our rate is a one hour rate per track these days, when all is delivered properly, so no extra cost for finetuning and adjustments.

We can also do ‘stem’ (multiple group) mastering (8 channels of Sontec EQ, seperate compressors per stem, all analog) or deliver different masterings for different media. Our vinly mastering is good for digital too, though you might like to have it limited a bit more for streaming. 

We have long time experience with mastering for vinyl.  Or master according to the latest loudness Ebu norms of loudness for broadcasting, if requested. 

Some of our masterings are rewarded with greatest praise, like the re-mastering of Charanjit Singh – 10 raga’s to a disco beat (taken straight from a 1982 record from India) and other Bombay Connection Records. Restauration from CD, records, cassette, tape, DAT or different formats of videotape.

We are specialised in dance, hiphop, ethnic music, electronics, pop rock, African and Indian stuff but do much more, like jazz, classical, funk, latin, you name it. With a wide scope of knowledge about musical context and expectation, which might be one of the most important things. But most of all, we are convinced the communication with our customers is really important, to make sure all is exactly the way you want it and hopefully even more, in a way that gives the best results for pressing records, broadcasting or selling/streaming online. Therefore we aim at long term relationships and give a full satisfaction guarantee.