We have a small recording booth for sixteen channels (with closed door), with drumkit, guitar amps (Fender tube amp, Roland Jazz Chorus), vocoders. Many also prefer to play in de studio room itself. We didn’t expect this, but good sound isolating shields make it possible to perform in this more intimate environment.

The original idea was and is to RECORD more ON LOCATION. We have different spaces available for this purpose, which also carry their own acoustics. Since we’re not so much into ‘dead’ studio rooms, which can also be very uninspiring, and it’s so easy to create a mobile set these days, we like to record anywhere.

This could be in your own living room, but what about nice churches or concert venues. Some have very nice and specific acoustics which can be useful. We have good contacts with many locations and can help you to find the right recording space for your music and inspiration.

In case more ‘dead’ recordings are preferred, which can give more creative flexibility during mixing, we work with a partner studio called Kudo Studio. It’s around the corner and they have more ‘dead’ space then our Ballyhoo Studio.

For recording we have good tube and solid state pre-amps,  a set of good mics (Neuman, Audix, Röde, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer Dynamic), a crazy collection of classic synths and gear, and last but not least: GOOD VIBRATIONS